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Peace119 – Do you think Jesus was born on December 25?

Most Christians in the western world celebrate the birth of Jesus on December 25 called Christmas Day.  The Eastern Orthodox Church celebrate His birth on January 7 for they still use the Julian Calendar.


As the story goes, Jesus was born in Bethlehem located just south of Jerusalem.  The account of Luke (Chapter 2) says that there were some shepherds who were spending the night in the fields, keeping watch of their flocks, when an angel appeared to them.  The angel announced to them the birth of Christ the Lord in David’s town (Bethlehem) which they found to be true.


We know that December in Israel is cold and wintry.  There may not even be grass in the field for the flocks to feed on.  Is it likely that shepherds would be in the fields at night at this time of the year just to look after their flocks? 


If you think that Jesus was not born on December 25, when could He possibly have been born?