How did Jesus looked like?

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The picture of the true Jesus has been painted by a talented girl when she was 8 years old. Her name is Akiana Kramarik. The websites where you may find details about this child prodigy are: and at

The painting of Jesus is entitled “Prince of Peace” and is in this website:…

I sent a computer printout of “Prince of Peace” together with a Christmas card in 2007 December to the listeners of the spirit of Ama. I requested them to ask Ama if that is how Jesus looked like.

On New Year’s Day, 2008, Primitivo Tabo, Jr., one of the listeners of Ama, of New York City informed me that Ama confirmed that the picture is that of the real Jesus. So that solved the problem of how Jesus really looked like. Confirmed by none other than Ama Himself!
Primitivo always calls the Philippines. In one of his calls, he talked to Anita Perez, another listener who resides in the Philippines. She told Primitivo to tell me that Ama confirmed that what Akiana painted is really Jesus.
We are not to worship graven images (relics and icons of the Church) as stated in the Ten Commandments. The revelation solves one of the questions that have been bothering mankind through the centuries. When we see the picture of Jesus, does that not remind us of Him? We don’t worship the image but it gives us a reminder about God. We have dolls and Buddha. Do these remind us of them? Or do we knell and worship these? Isn’t this idolatry?
I heard about child prodigies who are very good at Mathematics or musical instruments, but never have I heard of one who is very good in painting. And she is very good in writing poetry as well. She is considered as “the only known child binary genius, in both realist painting and poetry.”

From Christianity Today, the first website I cited:

“I always think about Jesus and talk about Him,” she [Akiane Kramarik] says. I was looking for a [Jesus] model for a long, long time, and when I couldn’t find anyone, one day I suggested to my family to pray all day for this model so God would send the right one.” The day that they prayed, a very tall carpenter—yes, a carpenter—came to their door looking for work. When he showed up, Akiane nearly fainted. “I told my mother that that was him. I want him to be my model,” she recalls.
The carpenter agreed to it at first, but he called a week later to back out.
“He said that he wasn’t worthy to represent his Master,” Akiane says. “He’s a Christian, and he’s a humble person. But I prayed that God would change his mind and that he would call back.” And the mysterious carpenter, who wished to remain anonymous, did call Akiane back, saying that God wanted him to pose for the painting, although he felt it was unusual.
Akiane took pictures, studied his face, made sketches, used her imagination and photo references, and the result was the “Prince of Peace.”
This is the detail picture of Jesus that Akiana Kramarik painted:
Is it a coincidence of the circumstances how the carpenter came to her life? And Ama, the spirit we talk to, tape recorded, confirmed that what she painted is how Jesus really looked like. Did you notice that there is some similarity of the Jesus she painted to the old paintings and sculptures?
The man that Akiana met was a “very tall carpenter”. He was not only tall, but “very tall”.

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