Coincidences in my life – Part 3

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The number of Jesus

The number of Jesus is 888.  How did we know this?  The name of Jesus in Greek is ΙΗΣΟΥΣ (iota, eta, sigma, omicron, upsilon, sigma).  The Greeks had a numbering system called the Greek Ionic Ciphered Numeral System devised in about the year 300 B.C. whereby each letter of the Greek alphabet is assigned a numerical value.  Substituting the numerical values to each letter in the name of Jesus and adding them up, the total is 888.  The values of the letters are: iota, 10; eta, 8; sigma, 200; omicron, 70; upsilon, 400; and sigma, 200.  The sum of 10 + 8 + 200 + 70 + 400 + 200 is 888.

Did you know that when the family arrived in Australia as immigrants, it was on 1988-08-21?  August is the eighth month of 1988; hence, 888.  This was the choice of wife of post office box number in Campbelltown, New South Wales in 1993 because of its significance of our arrival in Australia.  We even registered the Holden Apollo car with a special number plate FAF 888.  Yet, all this time, I did not know that the number of Jesus is 888.

It was in May 1994 just before my 25th Wedding Anniversary when the first cousin of my first cousin (Anthony Castelo) arrived in Australia that I only learned about it.  I had not met him for about 35 years.  I read it in the book that he was reading titled A Scientific Approach to Biblical History by W. W. Faid which he lent to me overnight.

In July 1994, one year and five months after we got the post office box, I discovered that our box was in the middle of a cross.  There were four boxes to the left, to the right, to the bottom and three to the top.  Cross, Jesus, 888.  Then in December 1994, I discovered that the set containing box 888 was flanked to the right by a set where you may draw a cross also and to the left by a set where you may not draw a cross because the set contained small, medium, and large boxes.  The middle and the set to the right were all small boxes.  This reminds us of the crucifixion of Jesus wherein He was in the middle flanked by two thieves.

When we finally moved all our things from Campbelltown to Queensland on 2004-05-07, the post office rearranged the post office building from 2004-04-30 to 2004-05-02 affecting also the post office boxes.  Hence, you will not see this strange arrangement anymore.

For details about this and photos, please read .





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  1. Free Numerology Mini-Reading for Michael
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    • Also Born a Little After 12pm Noon, In El dorado County, California..Where the GOLD RUSH first Started(Said to Have Streets Made of Gold Underneath the Town? Placerville, CA Or also known as HANGTOWN, CA? Interesting to ME since JESUS was Hanging on a Cross PerSay…I just so happend to randomly be born with all these relating factors of numbers and relationships simuliar to our SAVIOR..I am a Christian who has been mistreated, wrongly Accused an Mis-Understood my whole life..25 yrs old Now but If the 7 year Tribulation period began lets say at the end of this year? I sure would be weirdly close to the age of 33 at that Point :\ ??? I could use some guiadance and help with understanding why there are so many things that our Relative to Me as a Young Man and my DOB 3/8/88 or 3888 0r 111+888 etc..Life path Number 1…IDk Eitherway i feel a weird connection within myself that i cant describe but The possibilites are UNREAL and crazy to think but makes someone wonder why i was led to this PAGE on the Internet outta the millions of Blogs i could come across..Hmmmm..God Bless us All No matter what and Forgive those who can’t seem to accept the Facts of the Bibles truth’s 🙂

      In JESUS name I Always Pray!!


      Thanks for any feed back you can give??? I know it seems off the wall but thats the story of my life so far as a loving,compassionate and truly righteous testimony 🙂


      • 20130426.1230

        It is good to know that you are a Christian. Bear your sufferings as a a result of being mistreated and wrongly accused your whole life. They may be your trials.

        Jesus was not 33 solar years old when He died. He was 32. Year of tribulation? Seven years? I don’t know how long. But we will be tried. This world is a testing ground, a sieve, a strainer. Cling to Jesus until the end no matter what happens.

        I am not into numerology. What I am telling you are facts about my life. Your date of birth is interesting: 3/8/88. The number of Jesus is 888. Three ones maybe the Trinity—God the Father, God the Son Jesus Christ, and God the Holy Spirit. You may be connected to Jesus. My family arrived in Australia on August 21, 1988. August is the eighth month of year 1988, hence 888.

        Be righteous instead of being kind. The commandments of the true God is righteous.

      • Well Thank You brotha 🙂 I Never would want to even make a assumption that I think I am, But the things i have found and realized about the Number 888 are just fascinating to me..I stummbled across your page by mere accident Or For a Purpose i might not yet truly understand? honestly I did’nt even mean to select your blog but my figure selected Yours While sliding my mouse across the page, It clicked as if i double tapped it to open! Very Interesting 🙂 Of Course i noticed aswell that the day you had actually paid for that Mail Box *888* was on March 8, 1993 if i remember correctly? Which was my birthday. I wonder if being born on a leap year affects any of the information recording the numbers? So then If the Tribulation started as some people may beileve in 2012, Than i would be 32yrsOld..I Have had some very Irronic events occur since 2012, Involving a person who shares a name of the one who has the timeline in Revelations? He randomly handed me a Bible an Said ” Hey Michael!! Your Revelation is in the Book of Revelations Chapter 12 Verse 7, You might not wanna forget who you are!!! ” super random right? I also have had several people commit about my ORA being so bright an Colorful..An Once when I met my girlfriends moms friend for the first time back in 2006, She was amazed by the Energies she felt when she shook my hand? and She told me that My blue eyes had 2 Burning flames of compassion and love Inside them, An I was gunna do something huge for the people of this world who are suffering…I can’t make this stuff up so if you can imagine i find myself wondering about possibilites..Thank you so much just for recognizing the things i kinda saw while reading your story..I’m strugglin Right now currently in Life, I know im being tempted and tested by Evil more than I have in my whole lifetime!! My faith is strong and My heart is full of love, but I find myself depressed and lonely with alot of negative energy attacking my body everday?? as if i had been Magnetically altered or sumthing??? I could really use your prayer and thought brother!! I am concerned someone or something might know a little more information about myself than I do? I need to change my lifestyle and current ways but Im seriously that weak mentally and physically i can’t manage this battle alone…your positive thoughts an prayers would be a Blessing to me 🙂 Your Comment is So on Point and True about Me needing to Become more Righteous, instead of Just being Kind!! It’s Amazing you say that since i have been SO Kind to all my whole life but have lacked in many ways with my righteousness…Please somehow stay in touch with me over this blog or by email..I know there’s more to this path that has led me here..Thanks again and God Bless Us All..Amen!! 🙂

        Michael James

      • 20130504.1125

        Yes, there will be tribulation. Did you know that two-thirds of mankind will soon be eliminated from this world? What will happen to the remaining third? This world will still continue. It is not the end of the world yet. But instead of increasing population, it will even go down until there will only be very few in about year 2200 who will restart this world. Those taken out of this earth (Revelation 14:3) will be returned and will be reborn into new persons. They will be beautiful people. They will populate this world again. There will be peace for a thousand years.

        Remain righteous. Cling to God, not just any god, but the true God. He who endures until the end will be saved.

      • Posted by michael on 2013-05-05 at 5:03 am

        Amen!!! Thank you for your wisdom my brother!! may god bless us all 🙂

  2. Also What are your thoughts on the story reguarding Mary Magdalian being pregnant by Jesus at one Point? An Having gave birth to a Daughter named Sara?? I watched sumthin on the history channel about this..An some missing Books of the Bible? Thanks Brother



    • 20130504.1145

      Jesus did not impregnate Mary Magdalene. There was no sexual relationship between them . Jesus told Mary Magdalene what His mission on earth is. So the relationship between them was a Rabbi and His pupil.

      Do you know the story of Mary Magdalene? According to the Holy Spirit who we talk to, tape recorded, Mary Magdalene was not a prostitute. She was a very beautiful woman who attracted many suitors. That is why men gifted her with very expensive perfumes (maybe now, one may receive an expensive car, jewellery, mansion, etc.). But she was lusty (maybe what we may call a nymphomaniac) and she used her beauty to entice men. Judas Iscariot was one of her suitors.


  3. Posted by Michael J)amE)S) hU)tchiS)on on 2013-08-17 at 3:33 pm

    Hey brother Thanks again for your responses to these messages 🙂 I do appreciate it very much 🙂 Please copy and paste this link below (very important truth) I have only continued to find further blessings and revelations reguarding my life’s testimony and Relationship to our current times..I feel like it’s becoming more and more undeniable..God bless and Please feel free to email me directly for future contact..take care 🙂 much love… —– Exodus 23:20 –
    – God’s Angel to Lead-
    20″Behold, I am going to send an angel before you to guard you along the way and to bring you into the place which I have prepared. 21″Be on your guard before him and obey his voice; do not be rebellious toward him, for he will not pardon your transgression, since My name is in him.…


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