Coincidences in my life – Part 2

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Aristean calendar

One may think that I am a conceited person because the perpetual calendar I am proposing is named after me.  True, it is named after me.  But why?  I will explain how the name came about towards the end of the article.  And to put the record straight, I am NOT a conceited person.

In 1992, the perpetual calendar was inspired to me (I believe from the only true God) while I was driving to work one January morning.  The inspiration was “31-30-30, start on Monday.”   ‘It must be a calendar’, I said to myself.  

When I arrived in the office, I immediately drew up the calendar with twelve months divided into four quarters.  Each quarter have three months.  Then I made seven vertical columns for each month for the week starting on Monday.

I made each first month of the quarter, January, April, July, and October, with 31 days, starting the month on Monday and the 31st day, on Wednesday.  The second months of each quarter are February, May, August, and November, with 30 days, starting the month on Thursday and the 30th day, on Friday.  The third months of each quarter are March, June, September, and December, with 30 days, starting the month on Saturday and the 30th day, on Sunday.   The total is 364 days only.  It is short for I know that an ordinary or common year has 365 days, and a leap year has 366 days. 

To maintain that the year starts on Monday, the 365th day must be a neutral day, not a regular named day of the week.  So should the Leap Year Day be.

Being a computer programmer, I designated the 365th day as December 31.  A day should have a date even though it is not assigned any day of the week.  This was easy to do.  The hardest was designating when the Leap Year Day be.  It took me months to decide.  I was leaning towards November 31st.  Finally, in the third quarter of the year, I decided that it should be on June 31st to divide the year equally into two. 

When it was first published on 1992-11-03 in Fairfield Advance, it was plainly designated as Perpetual Calendar.  So was it on its television debut on National Nine News on 1992-12-02.  Later, in about 1994 or 1995, it was named Fernando Perpetual Calendar.  And on 1997-03-13, it became known as the Aristean calendar.

Here are the coincidences that I am saying regarding the calendar.  My name is Aristeo.  It is the Hispanized of the Greek god Aristaeus.  In the Greek language, the root word of Aristaeus is aristo, which means number one or best.  Comparing the Aristean with other calendar proposals, it can easily be seen that it is really the best.  Number one!  Numero uno!

The name of my mother is Gregorian, which is similar to the presently-used Gregorian calendar.  Pope Gregory XIII promulgated this calendar in 1582.  The name of my maternal grandmother is Julita, which is similar to the Julian calendar.  Julius Caesar introduced this calendar in 46 B.C.  The parallelism or correspondence is striking: Gregorian, Gregorian calendar; Julita, Julian calendar.  They are even in the same order!  And now, I find myself proposing a calendar to replace the Gregorian.  It is still an association with calendars.

I have noticed that it is the first names of my mother and my grandmother that are related to our calendar.  This is the reason why I used my first name in naming the calendar I am proposing.

The house number of the upper floor of the house where I lived in Manila is 1583.  The house number of the lower floor is 1579.  Where is 1581?  The significance of 1583 is that it follows 1582, the year when the Gregorian calendar was promulgated by Pope Gregory XIII.  It may mean that the next calendar after the Gregorian calendar will be the Aristean calendar. 

To know more about the Aristean calendar, please click here.





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