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Peace Crusader and Echo of the Holy Spirit


The Holy Spirit uses the body of Maria Liwayway Alvaran or Ka Apaz of Baliwag, Bulacan, Philippines to talk to people.  Since Ka Apaz is a Filipino, what the listeners hear is in the Filipino language.

Ka Apaz is about 73 years old and has been blind since age two. 

In my analysis, she is one of the two women mentioned in Matthew 24:41 and Luke 17:35.  The one taken up was the Blessed Virgin Mary and Ka Apaz is the one left.

I firmly believe that the Holy Spirit who we (plural) talk to, tape recorded, is the true Holy Spirit and is the spirit of Jesus Christ.

There are two ways by which the Holy Spirit appropriates the physical body of Ka Apaz.  The usual way is covering her whole body from head to toes with a white bed sheet.  The other way is without any covering when conducting a mass.  Seldom is mass a conducted though.  Usually, on special occasions only like August 17 which is the true death of Jesus.  

In the usual way, Ka Apaz is lying down on her bed.  The entry and exit of spirit are manifested by a whistling sound coming from the fontanel of the head and not from the mouth.  The sound may be a signal.  The cover acts as a transmitter so that people from other lands will also hear the messages of the Holy Spirit spoken in the Philippines – in their own languages.  Their mediums are receivers, like radios.  Can anyone do that? 

When conducting a mass, those who can hear the message of the Holy Spirit are only those who are present during the mass.  Ka Apaz stands in front of the altar.  When her spirit leaves her physical body, it collapses to the floor.  It rises immediately when the Holy Spirit enters it.  The body again collapses to the floor when the Holy Spirit leaves the body but rises soon after the spirit of Ka Apaz enters in.  There is no whistling sound that can be heard in this entry and exit of spirits.

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