Timeline from the birth of Abraham to the fall of Jerusalem to the Romans

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Peace Crusader and Echo of the Holy Spirit


2217 BC Birth of Abram Calculated, Genesis 27:7
2207 BC Birth of Sarai Calculated, Genesis 23:1
2144 BC Departure of Abram out of Haran when he was 75 lunar years old Genesis 12:4
2133 BC Birth of Ishmael (Abram was 86 lunar years old) Genesis 16:16
2122 BC Renaming of Abram to Abraham and Sarai to Sarah; circumcision of Abraham aged 99 lunar years and Ishmael was 13 Genesis 17
2121 BC Birth of Isaac  (Abraham was 100 lunar years old and Sarah was 90) Genesis 17:17; 21:5
2086 BC Death of Sarah aged 127 lunar years Genesis 23:1
2083 BC Isaac at age 40 lunar years married Rebekah Genesis 25:20
2069 BC Melchisedek built temple (2177 lunar years from fall of Jerusalem to Romans) Josephus, Wars, Book VI, Chapter X, Section 1
2064 BC Birth of Jacob and his twin brother Esau (Isaac was 60 lunar years old) Genesis 25:26
2049 BC Death of Abraham aged 175 lunar years Genesis 25:7
2002 BC Death of Ishmael aged 137 lunar years Genesis 25:17
1974 BC Birth of Joseph Calculated, Genesis 41:46; 50:22
1958 BC Joseph aged 17 lunar years sold to Ishmaelites going to Egypt Genesis 37:28
Circa 1948 BC Birth of Benjamin and death of his mother Rachel who was buried in Ephrath (Bethlehem) Genesis 37:19; 48:7
1947 BC Death of Isaac aged 180 lunar years Genesis 35:28
1946 BC Joseph aged 30 lunar years appointed by Pharaoh to rule over Egypt (except Pharaoh) and start of seven years of plenty Genesis 41:46
Circa 1945- 1940 BC Birth of Joseph’s two sons: Manasseh and Ephraim during years of plenty in Egypt Calculated, Genesis 41:50-51
1939 BC Arrival of Jacob and his family in Egypt in Nisan; second year of famine; Jacob was 130 lunar years old; start of 430 lunar years sojourn in Egypt Genesis 45:6; 47:9; Exodus 12:40-41
1934 BC Seventh year of famine Genesis 45:6
1922 BC Death of Jacob aged 147 lunar years Genesis 47:28
1870 BC Death of Joseph aged 110 lunar years Genesis 50:22, 26
1599 BC Birth of Moses Calculated, Acts 7:23
1560 BC Moses aged 40 lunar years killed Egyptian and fled to Midian Acts 7:23-24
1522 BC Moses aged 80 lunar years received instruction from God to return to Egypt to deliver the Israelites from bondage Acts 7:30
1522 BC Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt Exodus 12:41, 51
1484 BC Death of Aaron, brother of Moses, aged 123 lunar years on the first day of fifth month, 40 lunar years since Exodus Numbers 20:28; 33:38-39
1484 BC Death of Moses aged 120 lunar years in twelfth month, 40 lunar years since exodus Deuteronomy 34:7
1484 BC End of 40 lunar years in the wilderness of Sinai Peninsula Deuteronomy 29:5
1485 BC Entry to the Promised Land Deuteronomy 29:5
1100 BC Start of David’s reign in Hebron (7 lunar years and 6 months); maybe on first month Iyyar 1 Kings 2:11; 1 Chronicles 3:4; 29:27
1093 BC End of David’s reign in Hebron; start of reign in Jerusalem (33 lunar years) 1 Kings 2:11: 1 Chronicles 3:4; 29:27
1061 BC End of David’s reign over Israel; start of reign of Solomon in second half of year 1 Kings 2:11; 11:42; 1 Chronicles 3:4; 29:27
1058 BC Start of building of house of the Lord on second day of second month; 480 lunar years from Exodus 2 Chronicles 3:2; 1 Kings 6:1, 37
1052 BC Finished building of house of the Lord on eighth month of Solomon’s 11th year reign 1 Kings 6:38
1051 BC Dedication of the house of the Lord on the feast of the seventh month 2 Chronicles 5:3; 1 Kings 8:2
637 BC Fall of Jerusalem to the Babylonians (477 lunar years and 6 months from start of King David’s reign) Josephus, Wars, Book VI, Chapter X, Section 1
33 BC Birth of Jesus Christ (May 23) Revelation of the Holy Spirit
1 BC Death of Jesus Christ (August 17) Revelation of the Holy Spirit
AD 44 Fall of Jerusalem to the Romans (1179 lunar years from start of King David’s reign) Josephus, Wars, Book VI, Chapter X, Section 1

The Aristean Cycle was used in determining when past Jewish events happened.  The age-old puzzles of when Exodus and other Bible events happened are now determined.

The Aristean Cycle was developed while determining the veracity of the revelation of the Holy Spirit that Jesus was crucified on August 17. 

I would conclude that the Holy Bible is not a mere fairy tale book as claimed by non-believers but really God’s work.  Its placement of time when the events happened could be verified.  Any holes could have been pinpointed if found wrong or misaligned.





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  2. Posted by Ron on 2012-07-24 at 4:18 pm

    Your date of the birth of Christ on 33 BC, is that calculated by lunar years or is it adjusted for the 365.2? Astrological information about the interesting phenomenon involving the “Bethlehem Star” has been associated with the joining of Jupiter and Venus that gives the possible date closer to 3 b.c. (non lunar calendar).


    • 20121031.0615

      People think that Jesus was born in 1 BC or thereabout. The spirit of Ama revealed May 23. In my study from 2004 to 2006, I found that the exact date is May 23, 33 BC. This is using the proleptic Gregorian calendar. The revelation is true and correct. The results of this study are in http://aristean.org/birthmay23.htm .


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