August 17 in Jewish calendar from 1 BC to 35 AD


Peace Crusader and Echo of the Holy Spirit

According to the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ was crucified on August 17.  I have verified this date to be true and correct in the study I did from 1999 to 2003.  The year was 1 BC and it was a Thursday.  The results of my study are in

I also did a study on which day of the week could Jesus had been crucified.  I found that He could not have been crucified on any day of the week except on a Thursday.  The webpage address is

The following table shows the equivalent date in the Jewish calendar of the proleptic Gregorian date August 17 and the day of the week:

Proleptic Gregorian date Jewish date Day of the week
August 17, 1 BC Av 30, 3760 Thursday
August 17, 1 AD Elul 10, 3761 Friday
August 17, 2 AD Av 22, 3762 Saturday
August 17, 3 AD Elul 3, 3763 Sunday
August 17, 4 AD Elul 14, 3764 Tuesday
August 17, 5 AD Av 24, 3765 Wednesday
August 17, 6 AD Elul 5, 3766 Thursday
August 17, 7 AD Elul 17, 3767 Friday
August 17, 8 AD Av 28, 3768 Sunday
August 17, 9 AD Elul 9, 3769 Monday
August 17, 10 AD Av 21, 3770 Tuesday
August 17, 11 AD Elul 1, 3771 Wednesday
August 17, 12 AD Elul 13, 3772 Friday
August 17, 13 AD Av 23, 3773 Saturday
August 17, 14 AD Elul 5, 3774 Sunday
August 17, 15 AD Elul 16, 3775 Monday
August 17, 16 AD Av 27, 3776 Wednesday
August 17, 17 AD Elul 7, 3777 Thursday
August 17, 18 AD Elul 19, 3778 Friday
August 17, 19 AD Av 30, 3779 Saturday
August 17, 20 AD Elul 11, 3780 Monday
August 17, 21 AD Av 23, 3781 Tuesday
August 17, 22 AD Elul 3, 3782 Wednesday
August 17, 23 AD Elul 14, 3783 Thursday
August 17, 24 AD Av 25, 3784 Saturday
August 17, 25 AD Elul 5, 3785 Sunday
August 17, 26 AD Elul 16, 3786 Monday
August 17, 27 AD Av 28, 3787 Tuesday
August 17, 28 AD Elul 9, 3788 Thursday
August 17, 29 AD Av 21, 3789 Friday
August 17, 30 AD Elul 2, 3790 Saturday
August 17, 31 AD Elul 12, 3791 Sunday
August 17, 32 AD Av 23, 3792 Tuesday
August 17, 33 AD Elul 4, 3793 Wednesday
August 17, 34 AD Elul 16, 3794 Thursday
August 17, 35 AD Av 26, 3795 Friday

Among the dates, Thursday occurred on Av 30, 3760; Elul 5, 3766; Elul 7, 3777; Elul 14, 3783; Elul 9, 3788; and Elul 16, 3794.  The following date after this Thursday date are all in the month of Elul.  There was only one high Sabbath (John 19:31) that occurred in Elul, and this was the New Moon Festival on the first of the month.  Hence, Av 30, 3760 is the correct date of the crucifixion of Jesus.  This is equivalent to August 17, 1 BC.  The following date is Elul 1, 3760 which was the New Moon Festival, a high Sabbath day.

The following were used in the conversion from proleptic Gregorian date to Jewish date: and (Yet Another Calendar Converter).  The first website was used in AD years only whereas the second website can be used in BC or AD years.

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11 responses to this post.

  1. Could you give me the date in the Hebrew calender of April 17,6 BC?
    Thank you


  2. What was the date in the Jewish calendar of April 17,6 BC?


  3. 20110116.1525

    Using Yet Another Calendar Converter (, the Jewish date of April 17, 6 BC (proleptic Gregorian date) is 1 Iyyar 3755, a Monday.


  4. Posted by Michael Copeland on 2016-04-04 at 2:04 am

    All wrong Jesus was crucified on
    Preparation day nisan 14 a Friday
    He arose on early nisan 16 at twilight
    Sabbath was on a Saturday Nisan 15
    First day if passover remember they had just eaten the lords supper and next day was to be the first day if seven day passover Nisan 15 to nisan 21
    Seven days plus this sabbath was a high sabbath because a weekly sabbat Saturday fell on the first day of passover Nisan 15 making it a double sabbath hi sabbath
    Nisan is first month of year for the Jews Israelites our march/April
    This year 2016 falls the same nisan 15 is on Saturday sabbath making it a hi sabbath. Just as was when Jesus Christ
    Was PTEPAIRED and sacrificed as the lamb of GOD. THE DATES FOR NISAN 14-21 or in exodus Deuteronomy and others
    As for you august date the Temple was destroyed on Tisha B Av our august 9 th as was first Twmple also
    This is the Jewish most holy day of morning over the destruction of Temple on this date 70 ad


    • This is the first time that I encountered “Double Sabbath”.
      Passover is on the 14th day of the first month of the religious calendar. This is not a Sabbath day.
      The Feast of Unleavened Bread is from the 15th day to the 21st day of the first month of the religious calendar. The first day and last day of this feast are Sabbath days.
      Together, Passover and Feast of Unleavened Bread, is called Passover Festival or Pesach.
      These days, the Passover Festival is on the Jewish month of Nisan or March/April since the calendar reformation led by Hillel II in AD 358. But during the time of Jesus, the Jews used two types of calendars: a purely lunar calendar and a lunisolar calendar. The purely lunar calendar had Passover, Feast of Unleavened Bread, fasts, Feast of the Dedication, Saturday Sabbaths, while the High Holidays of New Year’s Day (Rosh Hashanah), Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur), and Feast of Ingathering/Shelters/Tabernacle (Sukkoth) were in the lunisolar calendar. The former is used for religious purposes, while the latter is used for civil purposes.

      The spirit of Ama revealed that Jesus was crucified on 08-17, a summer day, and I have proven that this is correct in my study from 1999 to 2003. It is true that Jesus was crucified in August and not in March/April.


      • Aristeo, Michael is correct. I am a Jewish believer, and I can tell you why Friday night on the Gregorian day that Jesus was crucified was a Double Sabbath. It was Shabbat and it was Yom HaRishon HaPesach (The First Day of Passover, which is always a Shabbat, regardless of it falls on Yom Shabbat or any other day.).

      • So you are a believer of Jesus. Who says that Jesus Christ was crucified on Friday (Good Friday) and resurrected on Easter Sunday (Resurrection)? That is only one day and two nights. Jesus said in Matthew 12:40, “three days and three nights”.

    • Michael, thank you! The Holy Spirit would never go against His own Word.


        1. The Holy Spirit did not go against His own word. He told us that Jesus Christ was crucified on August 17, and in my research, prove that the date He revealed is correct.

      • “In” or “within” three days and “on the third day”. Also, he was sentenced to die on a Thursday night. ‘Erev, Boker (1 Yom) + ‘Erev, Boker (1 Yom) + ‘Erev, Boker (1 Yom; 3rd day, rose in haboker).

        You clearly did not test the spirits.

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