Criteria to prove that God exists


Peace Crusader and Echo of the Holy Spirit


What should be the criteria for the existence of god without any reference to any religion’s scripture?  Here is a list of what I thought (please add to the list and we will discuss):

  1. He is worshipped as a god.
  2. He is a spirit – invisible and cannot be touched.
  3. He is omnipotent (‘almighty, or limitless in power’). Nothing is impossible to him including creation.
  4. He is omnipresent (‘present everywhere at the same time’). He can be present in different places to know whether his creation is following his rules or violating it.
  5. He is omniscient (‘knowing all things’).  He knows the past and he knows the future.  The past can be proved if it truly happened.  He can prophesy and he has the power to make it happen.
  6. He lives forever, not only today but also 2000 years ago and in thousands of years in the future.

The definitions quoted are from the Pocket Macquarie Dictionary.

We cannot include a human being as a god because he cannot be present in different places at the same time, can he?

We can include in the fifth criterion his being able to know different languages for him to know what people are saying.

If he fails in any of these criteria, could we call him a false god?  And if he could satisfy all the criteria, could we call him a true god or the true God?

There is only one true God but many false gods.  To differentiate the two, the true God can prophesy while the false gods cannot prophesy.  The keyword is prophecy. Very plain, simple, logical, and without quoting anything from any holy scripture of any religion.  Hence, if we were to worship a god, we have to make sure that He is the true God and not a false god.

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2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by patricia de pondicherry on 2012-10-23 at 9:07 am

    You say the true God can prophesy while the false gods cannot prophesy. You are devoted to a false prophet and a proven liar: Ka Apaz. Therefore you worship a false god.


    • 20121023.2055

      Yes, I say that the true God can prophesy while the false gods cannot prophesy. The physical body of Ka Apaz is used by the spirit of Ama to talk to people. They are two distinct personalities. I do not worship Ka Apaz. I worship Ama who is the spirit of Jesus Christ. He is the Holy Spirit.

      You may have heard about the 2012 Olympic Games (OG) in London and the prophesy of Ama that a world war will start before or during the OG. The prophesy failed because OG ended successfully on 08-12 and there was no war. But the threat of war is still there. I believe that the war which Ama said on 1986-06-13 was just postponed or moved. It will still occur. When? I do not know. It will happen “in His time”, in God’s time.

      This is a translation of the transcript that Ama said on 1988-04-24:

      “I ask you to make sacrifices (prayers). You make sacrifices and you do not have hope that you will be victorious because Aristeo’s hope is that it will happen.

      “Now, the prophesy could be moved through your sacrifices, and this may not happen through your sacrifices.

      “But to Aristeo’s belief, it is different. If it does not happen, what Ama said is not true. That is wrong, My child. Wrong. Wrong.

      “That is why you are asked to sacrifice so that the prophesy will not happen. But if it does not happen, what Ama said is wrong. That is wrong, My child. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.”

      Another thing that Ama said in 1998 is the implementation of the Aristean calendar in 2001. Until now, it is not implemented yet. I leave it to God. I know that it is destined to replace the presently-used Gregorian calendar. I just say that it will be implemented “in His time”, in God’s time.


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