The Holy Spirit revealed the birth of Jesus on May 23


Peace Crusader and Echo

I would like to share with you about the Nativity of Jesus Christ.

The Holy Spirit revealed to us (plural) that Jesus was born on May 23. No year. Just the date May 23. I first heard the date in 1983 from older listeners, and confirmed by the Holy Spirit Himself. You may hear Him announced the date in entitled “May 5 at May 23 na mga kapanganakan” (“May 5 and May 23 births”).

In 2004, a little more than 20 years since I first heard the date, I embarked on a study to check if there is any ring of truth in the revelation. In 2006, I finished my study and uploaded the results on the Internet in I found the date to be true and correct.

The following are the notable findings of the study including the revelations of the Holy Spirit and exposition from the ”Awit at salaysay ng Pasiong Mahal” or “The Holy Passion” :

1. Jesus Christ was not born on December 25 but on May 23.
2. Jesus was not born in winter but in spring.
3. Jesus was not born in 1 BC but in 33 BC.
4. The lunar eclipse that Josephus mentioned in Antiquities, Book XVII, Chapter 6, Section 4; and Wars, Book 1, Chapter 33, Section 4 happened on March 29, 33 BC, equivalent to Nisan 15, 3728.
5. It took Joseph and Mary four days to travel from Nazareth to Bethlehem, some eight km south of Jerusalem.
6. When they arrived in Bethlehem, no one took them in because they were poor even though Mary was in her final stage of pregnancy.
7. Jesus was born in a cave used as shed for farm animals in Bethlehem past midnight.
8. The bright star shone when Jesus was born that called the attention of the three kings who hurriedly followed it.
9. Since there was abundant grass on the field, the cave was empty of animals. The farm animals were being pastured out and looked after by their shepherds.
10. As devout Jewish parents, they had him circumcised and named Jesus on his eighth day, May 30, 33 BC.
11. The three kings were really kings from three kingdoms in the east of Jerusalem, namely, Persia, Arabia and Saba (maybe Sheba). Their names are Melchor, Gaspar at Balthazar.
12. The three kings just met on the way to Jerusalem.
13. They dropped in at King Herod’s palace in Jerusalem to give respect to him and invite him in searching for the newborn King of the Jews. King Herod declined the invitation but asked the three kings to report back to him when they find him so that he, too, can worship Him.
14. The three kings arrived June 6, 33 BC at the place where Jesus was, fourteen days after He was born. They knelt down and laid down their scepters and crowns at the feet of Jesus.
15. King Balthazar gave gold because Jesus is truly king and owner and holder of gold and the whole world. King Gaspar gave frankincense because Jesus is really merciful God and Savior to those who pray. King Melchor gave bitter myrrh because He will truly save mankind from sins.
16. In their sleep, the angel of the Lord told the three kings not to see King Herod anymore and take a different route on their way home.
17. The Holy Family stayed in Bethlehem until Mary’s purification rite and Jesus’ presentation in the temple at Jerusalem on the 41st day. This happened on July 3, 33 BC. After the rites, they headed for home to Nazareth. During their first night of travel, an angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph who told him to take refuge in Egypt. That night was their plight to Egypt.
18. King Herod ordered the arrest of the three kings or bring over the Christ child on July 4, 33 BC. Failing to find the three kings or Jesus, King Herod ordered his soldiers on July 5, 33 BC to slaughter the innocent children from newly born to three years of age.
19. King Herod died on July 13, 33 BC or Av 2, 3728.
20. The Passover Festival was held from July 25 to August 1, 33 BC or Av 14-21, 3728.

There may be slight differences in the accounts in the Holy Bible and this account. Remember that there was no Bible before. It was the descendants of the disciples who compiled the accounts of the disciples to make the story. The revelations herewith came from the Holy Spirit Himself or supplemented by accounts in the “Holy Passion”.

Although the Bible does not tell us to celebrate the birth of Jesus, it does not tell us not to either. We have to rejoice in His birth because the promised Messiah in the Old Testament has been born to save mankind from sin.

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