Is there Purgatory?


Peace Crusader and Echo

The Holy Spirit who we (plural) talk to (tape recorded) said that there is NO Purgatory.  What is in the Holy Bible are Heaven and Hell only.

In the Pilipino language, He said: “Bakit kailangan pa kayong PURGAhin kung kayo ay patay na, at kailangan pa kayong lagyan ng suposiTORYO?”

English translation: “Why do you need to be PURGed when you are already dead, and a supposiTORY to be placed?”

Purgatory is a wrong concept.  If it exists, people will just sin while alive and ask for forgiveness when they are brought to this place.  But it will be too late.  One cannot repent anymore once he is already dead.  Repentance can only be done while the soul is still in the physical body.  So be good, confess the sins committed, and avoid sinning again.

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