When did King Herod the Great die?


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The first century AD historian, Josephus, in his Antiquities of the Jews, Book XVII, chapter 6, Section 4 and Wars of the Jews, Book I, Chapter 33, Section 4, wrote that Herod died not long after a lunar eclipse and before a Passover.

The lunar eclipse happened on Nisan 15, 3728 (March 30, 33 BC) which was visible in Jerusalem. In that year, the first month of the religious year fell in the month of Av. Hence, the Passover Festival was held from Av 14 to Av 21, 3728 (July 25-August 1, 33 BC).

The Jews used two types of calendars—a purely lunar religious calendar which had twelve months in one year and a lunisolar civil calendar in which a month is inserted or intercalated seven times in the 19-year Metonic Cycle to keep the months aligned with the seasons. The religious calendar regressed through the seasons – summer, spring, winter, autumn and back to summer again. Its first month where the Passover Festival was held, for example, shifts by one season about every nine years. The civil calendar starts from the month of Tishri in which the year counting starts.

When the Jewish calendar was reformed to what it is today in 358/359 AD, the wandering Passover Festival was fixed in the month of Nisan. The eleventh month of this reformed calendar from Nisan is Shevat. Traditionally, the death of Herod is held on Shevat 2. But when Herod actually died, it was on Av 2, 3728 (July 13, 33 BC). Av is the eleventh month from Tishri.

Herod’s relation to the birth of Jesus

The Holy Spirit revealed that Jesus was born on May 23. This has been proven to be true and correct. The year, 33 BC. The results of the study conducted from 2004 to 2006 are found in http://aristean.org/birthmay23.htm. From the birth of Jesus until His presentation and the purification rite of Mary at the Temple in Jerusalem 40 days later (Tammuz 21, 3728 = July 3, 33 BC), the Holy Family was in the Bethlehem-Jerusalem area. After these rites, they proceeded on their way back to Nazareth, but during the night, an angel told Joseph to flee and take his family to Egypt. King Herod ordered first the arrest of the three kings or bring over the Christ child on Tammuz 22, 3728 (July 4, 33 BC). When his soldiers failed to find them, he ordered the slaughter of all innocent children onTammuz 23, 3728 (July 5, 33 BC).

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