The International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA)


Peace Crusader and Echo


The International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) represents all the letters of the English language into simple, accurate phonetic transcriptions.

A – Alpha
B – Bravo
C – Charlie
D – Delta
E – Echo
F – Foxtrot
G – Golf
H – Hotel
I – India
J – Juliett
K – Kilo
L – Lima
M – Mike
N – November
O – Oscar
P – Papa
Q – Quebec
R – Romeo
S – Sierra
T – Tango
U – Uniform
V – Victor
W – Whiskey
X – X-ray
Y – Yankee
Z – Zulu

The phonetic alphabet is used by mariners at sea, air controllers, airline companies, international telegraphy, short-wave radio users (such as the police and taxi firms).  Those people working in Call Centers should learn this phonetic alphabet, especially in a multicultural society like in Australia, the United States, Canada, United Kingdom where names of people and street are not common and oftentimes, have to be spelled out.  The alphabet is also used in spelling reservation numbers, purchase order number, registration number, etc.

I first promoted the use of the phonetic alphabet to my colleagues when I was working at Department of Defence in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia from 2004-04 to 2006-08.  I did not know that when I moved back to Brisbane, Queensland, I would buy a Toyota economy car model Echo on 2006-08-31.  The registration number of the car is 462 IDE.  IDE stands for “I Thee echo”.


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