Commissioning by the Holy Spirit


Peace Crusader and Echo of the Holy Spirit

The following text in the Pilipino language was extracted from a session with the Holy Spirit on 1999-04-11.   Its  English translation follows.

Ama:  Ikaw naman, Aristeo, kaya ka naman nauwi rito upang tumupad ng tungkulin mo.  Wala ka namang natutungkol kahit ano.  Ang tungkulin mo, maghanap ng mga tao.

Aristeo Fernando:  Ang tungkulin ko po ay maghanap ng mga tao?

Ama:  Oo.  Sa madaling salita, ikaw ay maging mangingisda.

Aristeo:  Ama, yaong akin pong pangingisda, halimbawa po, isa ay yaong sa radio.  Ikalawa po ay sa Internet.  Nagsasalita rin po ako sa mga tao na binabanggit ko po Kayo pero sabi ko, darating ang panahon na mayroong ibang pamamaraan ang Diyos para ang mga tao ay mas makilala po Kayo.  Parang sa tingin ko po ay ang kalendaryo [Aristean] ang siyang magiging para bang introduction ko po sa mundo at makikilala nila ako.  Saka ko naman mai-introduce ko po Kayo roon.  At malalaman nila yaong Inyo pong mga iniaaral.

Ama:  Ang kailangan ay ikaw ay maging mangingisda.  At ang kailangan sa pangingisda mo, manghuli ka agad sapagkat malapit na.  Malapit na ang huling araw.  Kinakailangang maisagawa mo na ang lahat ng mga bagay.

Ang lahat ng naririto, kinakailangang mangisda.  Ngunit matagal na panahon na, wala silang nahuhuling isda sapagkat sila ay tamad mamalakaya.

Ikaw, magpakasipag ka.  Magpakasipag kang mamalakaya.
Here is its English translation:

Ama:  And you, Aristeo, why you have come home here, so that you can perform your duty.  You do not have any other duty.  Your duty: to look for people.

Aristeo Fernando:  My duty is to look for people?

Ama:  Yes.  In other words, you become a fisherman [fisher of men].

Aristeo:  Father, regarding my fishing, for example, one is on radio.  Secondly, on the Internet.  I also talk to people.  I talk about You and what I say is that time will come, God will have ways so that You will be known to people.  The way that I see it, the calendar [Aristean] will be my introduction to the world, and after that, then, I will be able to introduce You and the world will know Your teachings.

Ama:  You must be a fisherman [fisher of men].  And in your fishing, you have to catch quickly because it is near.  The last day is near.  You have to do all the things.

All who are here have to fish but for a long time now, they have not caught any fish because they are lazy to fish.

You [Aristeo], work hard.  You fish hard.

I hope I have translated the Pilipino text to English properly.  If you have other ways of translating the text, I most welcome them.

It is the Holy Spirit Himself who commissioned me to do fishing [as fisher of men].  That is my only role.  And I have been doing it on the Internet to reach out to all people around the world.  My website is not only available worldwide, it is also available 24/7.  It can be studied, checked, scrutinized in the comfort of one’s home.  The person is not pressured to make hasty decision.  He can take his time.

I first thought that it would be through the proposed Aristean calendar that the world would know me, and then introduce the Holy Spirit.  I thought that the calendar would be implemented in the year 2001.  When the calendar was not proclaimed during the Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia in 2000, then I stopped promoting it.  I know that it is destined to be implemented one day replacing the present Gregorian calendar as the official primary standard calendar of the world.  It will be in His time.  So I stopped my radio program in about May 1999 and concentrated on the Internet instead. 

I was able to prove the revelations of the Holy Spirit regarding the crucifixion and death of Jesus on August 17 [1 BC] in 2003, and the birth of Jesus on May 23 [33 BC] in 2006.  There are other signs that I discovered since 2000 that will attest that God has really chosen me as a fisher of men to present His teachings to mankind.

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