From doubt to belief


Peace Crusader and Echo of the Holy Spirit


What happened in 1994 that triggered me to believe that the spirit who we (plural) talk to is the spirit of Jesus Christ Himself? What made me reverse my eleven long years (1983-1994) of doubt into belief in the spirit? 

  1. First and foremost are the bold letters A-M-A in a featured article about me and the Aristean calendar published in the weekly community newspaper, Macarthur Chronicle, on 1994-04-26.  Please see the article at Flickr at and  at  I only discovered the bold letters A-M-A in 1994-06, six weeks after the article was published.  Did you notice the bold letters in the body of the article that spelled “AMA”?  Ama is the name of the spirit who we talk to.  Ama is also the Filipino word for God the Father. 
  2. Next was the discovery of 888 as the number of Jesus in 1994-05 from a book lent to me by the first cousin of my first cousin, Anthony Castelo, who I had not met for more than three decades.  Two months later, in 1994-07, I was surprised to find that our post office box number 888 is in the middle of a cross.  Coincidence?  888, number of Jesus, cross.  I also found out in 1994-12 that the sets of boxes affirm that the crucifixion really happened.  Please read the details at
  3. I am the proponent of the Aristean calendar that will become the official primary standard calendar of the world, replacing the present Gregorian calendar.  The Gregorian calendar succeeded its predecessor, the Julian calendar, in 1582.  The idea of the calendar came to my mind in 1992.  In 1993, I discovered that the name of my mother Gregoria is related to the present calendar.  In 1994, I discovered that the name of the mother of my mother, or my grandmother, is related to the Gregorian’s predecessor as well.  Her name is Julita.  Did you notice the parallelism?  Gregoria, Gregorian calendar; Julita, Julian calendar.  Now, me, proposing a calendar which I believe is destined to be implemented in His time.  Details about the Aristean calendar is at




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