Day of week of Nisan 14 sometime in AD 30


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Many believe that Jesus was crucified and died on Passover, Nisan 14.  They say that it was sometime in A.D. 30.  The following table shows the equivalent date of the Jewish calendar date of Nisan 14 in the proleptic Gregorian calendar and the day of the week:

Jewish date

Proleptic Gregorian date

Day of the week

Nisan 14, 3780 A.M. March 25, 20 A.D. Wednesday
Nisan 14, 3781 A.M. April 12, 21 A.D. Monday
Nisan 14, 3782 A.M. April 2, 22 A.D. Saturday
Nisan 14, 3783 A.M. March 22, 23 A.D. Wednesday
Nisan 14, 3784 A.M. April 10, 24 A.D. Wednesday
Nisan 14, 3785 A.M. March 31, 25 A.D. Monday
Nisan 14, 3786 A.M. March 20, 26 A.D. Friday
Nisan 14, 3787 A.M. April 7, 27 A.D. Wednesday
Nisan 14, 3788 A.M. March 27, 28 A.D. Monday
Nisan 14, 3789 A.M. April 14, 29 A.D. Saturday
Nisan 14, 3790 A.M. April 3, 30 A.D. Wednesday
Nisan 14, 3791 A.M. March 24, 31 A.D. Monday
Nisan 14, 3792 A.M. April 12, 32 A.D. Monday
Nisan 14, 3793 A.M. April 1, 33 A.D. Friday
Nisan 14, 3794 A.M. March 20, 34 A.D. Monday
Nisan 14, 3795 A.M. April 9, 35 A.D. Monday
Nisan 14, 3796 A.M. March 28, 36 A.D. Friday
Nisan 14, 3797 A.M. March 18, 37 A.D. Wednesday
Nisan 14, 3798 A.M. April  5, 38 A.D. Monday
Nisan 14, 3799 A.M. March 25, 39 A.D. Friday
Nisan 14, 3800 A.M. April 13, 40 A.D. Friday

A.M. means anno mundi reckoned from the creation of the world used in the Jewish lunisolar calendar.
A.D. means anno Domini reckoned from the birth of Jesus Christ used in the Gregorian solar calendar.

This is using the calendar converter at  Yet Another Calendar Converter may also be used.  Its URL is

As I have illustrated in , Jesus could not had been crucified and died on any day of the week except on a Thursday.  None of those Nisan 14 dates from 20 A.D. to 40 A.D. was a Thursday.


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33 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by peacecrusader on 2009-07-19 at 11:07 am

    The link to webpage showing that the crucifixion of Jesus could only occur on Thursday working. Just click on it several times.


    • This paper presents data on Nisan 14 in various years. In A.D. 30 (the year of the Crucifixion) the calendar shows it’s Wednesday. Are you saying that the crucifixion was on Nisan 15? Your statements and the article are contradictory.


      • 20130221.1000

        Nisan 14, 3790 (April 3, 30 AD) was a Wednesday. I say that Jesus was crucified and died on a Thursday but neither on Nisan 14 nor on Nisan 15, 3790. The correct date was Av 30, 3760 (August 17, 1 BC), a Thursday.

  2. Posted by Dr. r.sutherland on 2011-04-17 at 2:21 pm

    Yes, thursday is the right day but i am not sure of the conversion date as jesus only ministered for one year not three according to charles totten chronologist 1890.


  3. 20110418.1800

    Dear Dr. R. Sutherland.

    You wrote:
    Yes, thursday is the right day but i am not sure of the conversion date as jesus only ministered for one year not three according to charles totten chronologist 1890.

    My reply:
    Why do you say that Jesus was crucified on a Thursday?

    The Holy Spirit who we talk to said that Jesus was crucified and died on August 17. No year. I first heard this in 1983. I found the date that He revealed to be true and correct in 2003 after a four-year study (1999-2003). The year? 1 BC. And August 17, 1 BC was a Thursday.

    I first tried 1 BC based on His sermon in 1974 ( wherein He said that He died 1,974 years ago (about the tenth paragraph). I believe that the spirit who we talk to is none other than Jesus Christ Himself.

    Why does Charles Totten say that Jesus ministered only for one year and not three? I can say that there were at least three annual Passover Festivals during Jesus’ ministry as stated in John 2:13, John 6:4, John 12:1. How about the other annual festivals?

    With love, your brother in Jesus,
    Aristeo Canlas Fernando, Peace Crusader and Echo of the Holy Spirit
    Motto: pro aris et focis (for the sake of, or defense of, religion and home) and
    “The Internet is mightier than the sword.”


  4. In Jewish reckoning, each new “day” begins in the evening (cf. Gen. 1:5 etc). Thus, Nisan 14 began on what we would call Wednesday evening and ended on what we would call Thursday evening. Therefore, in AD 30, Nisan 14 fell on a Thursday.


    • Genesis 1:5 simply says God completed His work of day one and evening came and morning (of next day) arrives. Nothing tells that a day begins at sunset. AD 30 Nisan 14 falls on Wed. (There are about 5-6 conversion programs you can google).


      • 20130221.0950

        When is the third hour? The sixth hour? The ninth hour? When is the start of the Sabbath? Remember that Jesus was crucified and died on Preparation Day of next day’s High Sabbath.

        Please read Matthew 14:25 and Mark 6:48 where it says “fourth watch of the night”. Luke 12:38 mentions the second and third watch (of the night). Jesus also said in Mark 13:35, “at even, or at midnight, or at the cockcrowing, or in the morning.”

      • Nisan (Abib) 14 is the Day of Passover which begins at sunrise with the lambs sacrificed in the afternoon. In the evening (still same Nisan 14 – contrary to the Jewish reckoning of a new day from sunset – how absurd and unnatural!), the Passover meal was taken by the Judaic (Jewish) people then. It’s Passover feast. This is the only example of something being celebrated in the night time, not in day time, of all the Judaic Festivals. The night was for the memorial vigil of the Exodus event – deliverance from the Pharaoh’s Egypt long ago. Nisan 14 is a preparation of the 7 day-long Festival of Matzah bread (aka Festival of Passover). No, Nisan 14 is not the festival, it’s preparation – nothing to do with people’s disturbance during the Festival. So you have another brilliant idea of Yeshua being crucified at the 30th of Nisan? From where did you get such outlandish idea? May God have mercy on me, again. Why then Yeshua died? He could have been killed on any day of the whole year. Why on earth did his death have anything to do with the Passover, the most solemn in Jewish life? Have you ever heard the Messiah died for our sin, as our Passover (sacrifice)? Do you know what the Scripture is actually telling us?

      • 20130221.2355

        Correction, Oun. Jesus Christ was not crucified on “the 30th of Nisan” but on the 30th of Av. Where did I “get such outlandish idea?” I said from a holy spirit who we (plural) talk to. If you will believe it, He is THE Holy Spirit. If you will believe it further, He is the spirit of Jesus.

        The Jews are correct. A day starts when the sun has set. So a day is from sunset to next day’s sunset.

        The Passover meal is called “seder”.

        Preparation Day is a day used to prepare, to make ready, for next day’s Sabbath. Normally, this is done on Friday for the regular weekly Saturday Sabbath day. But it can also be on any day of the eve of a high Sabbath day, like the annual Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) or Sukkoth (Feast of Tabernacle or In-gathering o Shelter), or the monthly Ros Hodesh (New Moon Festival). The preparation is only for one day, not what you are talking about as the “7-day long Festival of Matzah bread (aka Festival of Passover).”

  5. 20120621.1015

    Yes, D. Eric Williams, in the Hebrew calendar, Nisan 14, 3790 “began on what we Wednesday and ended on what we would call Thursday evening.” By sunset of April 3, 30 AD, it would be Nisan 15, 3790, a Thursday in the Hebrew calendar. It would be a Thursday after midnight, April 4, 30 AD, yet in the proleptic Gregorian calendar.


  6. Posted by William Moore on 2012-09-24 at 9:28 pm

    My research is showing me that, Christ’s last meal with his diciples was on a Wednseday. He was betrayed after the meal in the garden. Spent the night being shuffled back and forth between Pilot, and Harod. Was on the cross by nine and died around three pm. Was shoved away before the sedar meal. Passover was Friday. Saturday was the Sabbath. And Christ still rose some time after midnight Sunday. Matthew 26: 2 Jesus said, as you know, Passover is TWO days away- To me, that make the arrest start Wednesday or right after midnight. He said, He wanted to eat this Passover with them. That meal, the sedar, would be the next night after sun down. He never ate that meal.


    • 20121031.0635

      Jesus was not crucified on the 14th of the first month. If He was, there would be an uproar of the people at the Passover Festival. He was crucified when the pilgrims have left Jerusalem on the 30th of the first month.

      You are correct that they crucified Jesus at 9am but He did not die around 3pm. He died at exactly 12noon when Longinus pierced His side with his lance. Jesus died on a Thursday and resurrected after noon of Sunday. His tomb was discovered empty on Monday morning.


  7. Posted by Oun Kwon on 2013-02-21 at 9:43 pm

    In your reply you said :

    The preparation is only for one day, not what you are talking about as the “7-day long Festival of Matzah bread (aka Festival of Passover)

    You are not reading my post carefully? ‘Preparation’ refers to a day to prepare for the Sabbath day. Of course it is only for one day. Not whole 7-day period.


  8. Posted by Oun Kwon on 2013-02-21 at 9:45 pm

    Passover meal is not same as ‘Seder’. Seder is a later development in the rabbinic Judaism after the Fall of Jerusalem in C.E. 70.


  9. Posted by Oun Kwon on 2013-02-21 at 9:46 pm

    30th Av, not 30th Nisan? What difference you are driving at? Your holy spirits must be your private spirits. God bless.


  10. Posted by Peter on 2013-03-08 at 4:32 pm

    “The year? 1 BC. And August 17, 1 BC was a Thursday.”
    How do you reconcile that date with the proven date of Jesus’ baptism of AD27? (John the baptist didn’t start his ministry until the 15th year of Tiberius’ reign) Luke 3:1

    How do you reconcile your date with the proven date of Herod’s death in 4BC? Mat 2:1


  11. 20130309.1430

    Yes, Peter, you read it the revelation of a spirit that Jesus Christ was crucified and died on August 17. I found the year to be 1 BC, a Thursday.

    Where did you get that Jesus was baptized in AD 27? Luke 3:1-2 state: “Now in the fifteenth year of the reign of Tiberius Caesar, Pontius Pilate being governor of Judaea, the Herod being tetrarch of Galilee, and his brother Philip Tetrarch of Ituraea and of the region of Trachonitis, and Lysanias the tetrarch of Abilene, Annas and Caiaphas being the high priests, the word of God came unto John the son of Zacharias in the wilderness.”

    Where did you get that Herod’s death was in 4 BC?

    Did you know that Dionysius Exiguus in 525 AD set the birth of Jesus in 1 BC, more that 500 years after the fact? So all our history revolves around that 1 BC year.

    Have you heard about the Spanish Era? It placed the year when Jesus was born in 38 BC. This is nearer the year that I got – 33 BC. The use of the Spanish Era started in about 200 AD and was discarded during the 12th, 13th, 14th century in the Iberian peninsula.


  12. […] Day of week of Nisan 14 sometime in AD 30 | Peacecrusader … – Jul 19, 2009 · DAY OF WEEK OF NISAN 14 SOMETIME IN A.D. 30 © ARISTEO CANLAS FERNANDO Peace Crusader and Echo. Many believe that Jesus was crucified and died on Passover …… […]


    • Although Nisan 14, 30 AD was a Wednesday, Jesus was NOT crucified on this date. He was crucified and died on a Thursday. According to the spirit of Ama, it was on 08-17. I was able to prove that this date, 08-17, is true and correct in my study from 1999 to 2003 using mainly the Holy Bible. Although I finished my study in 2003, still, until 2014, I still find confirmations that Jesus was crucified and died in summer instead of spring.

      You may read my write-up in titled as “Was Jesus crucified on a Wednesday?”


  13. […] Day of week of Nisan 14 sometime in AD 30 | … – Jul 19, 2009 · DAY OF WEEK OF NISAN 14 SOMETIME IN A.D. 30 © ARISTEO CANLAS FERNANDO Peace Crusader and Echo. Many believe that Jesus was crucified and died on Passover …… […]


  14. […] Day of week of Nisan 14 sometime in AD 30 | … – Jul 19, 2009 · DAY OF WEEK OF NISAN 14 SOMETIME IN A.D. 30 © ARISTEO CANLAS FERNANDO Peace Crusader and Echo. Many believe that Jesus was crucified and died on Passover …… […]


  15. […] Day of week of Nisan 14 sometime in AD 30 | … – Jul 19, 2009 · DAY OF WEEK OF NISAN 14 SOMETIME IN A.D. 30 © ARISTEO CANLAS FERNANDO Peace Crusader and Echo. Many believe that Jesus was crucified and died on Passover …… […]


  16. Posted by Tony Conrad on 2016-05-06 at 8:25 am

    How confusing all this is. I think I agree with the Jewish day starting at sunset therefore Jesus being crucified on Thursday the 14th Nisan. The Jews would have continued to use this system as they are very meticulous on dates and one of reasons why god gave the world the Jews.


    • Jesus was not crucified on Nisan 14. He was crucified when the pilgrims would have left Jerusalem and this happened on 1 BC August 17 (proleptic Gregorian Calendar, a Thursday. This is equivalent to 3760 Av 30 (Jewish calendar).


  17. Posted by Wendell on 2016-05-29 at 4:36 pm

    What we have on display are people guessing because we are not dealing with historical events but theological fiction. This is like trying to determine when Romulus and Remus were born and died.


    • I am helping out people determine what day of the week Nisan 14 is. Jesus Christ is not a “theological fiction” but that He existed. The Holy Bible is not explicit when He died, but mainly using the Holy Bible, I was able to prove that the spirit of Ama is correct in His revelation that Jesus died on 08-17. I did not get 08-17 from thin air. It was revealed by Ama. I only checked it.


  18. Posted by william on 2017-04-18 at 10:19 am

    Jesus was crucified on the 14th of nisan a wed. He ate the last supper with his disciples tues night beginning the day of preparation for the passover. He died at 3pm wed and was rushed off of the cross to the tomb prior to the high sabbath beginning at sundown wed night which starts thursday night and in this case starts the Feast of Unleavened bread/passover meal. So he was in the tomb wed night, thur night, fri night. 3 nights. He was in the tomb thursday, friday, and Saturday. And he arose at sundown Saturday which began Sunday first day of the Week. So he held true that it would be three days and three nights in the earth.


    • Yes, Jesus was three days and three nights in the sepulcher (Matthew 12:40), but He was not crucified on Wednesday. He was crucified on Thursday. He was in the sepulcher Friday evening till Monday, the first day of the week.
      Thursday – Jesus was crucified, preparation day
      Friday – High Day Sabbath (New Moon Festival)
      Saturday – regular Sabbath of the Jews
      Sunday – Sabbath of the followers of Jesus
      Monday – Discovery that the body of Jesus was missing


  19. Posted by william on 2017-04-18 at 10:22 am

    Correction ** Wednesday night at sundown began thursday and the 15th of nisan the High Sabbath. Reason why they rushed him off of the cross. Many christians do not know Gods Holy days and fell to realise there was two Sabbaths that week.


    • Posted by Aristeo Fernando on 2018-03-06 at 2:46 pm

      This will dispel that Jesus was crucified in the Jewish month of Nisan, a spring month, and as the spirit of Ama revealed, Jesus was crucified on August 17, equivalent to Av 30, a summer month.

      Here is the rainfall in mm every month of the year of Jerusalem:
      January – 142.2
      February – 114.3
      March – 99.1
      April – 30.5
      May – 2.5
      June – 0
      July – 0
      August – 0
      September – 0
      October – 22.9
      November – 68.8
      December – 109.2

      Source: The Weather Channel

      1 Kings 2:37 states: “For it shall be, that on the day thou goest out, and passest over the brook Kidron, thou shalt know for certain that thou shalt surely die: thy blood shall be upon thine own head.”


  20. I just came across your page today unintenionally and I find it interesting because I also had my own studies about it as early as year 2,000 a.d. Unfortunately, I found differences in our results of research. Based on my findings based from Scriptures and Kaluach COMPUTERIZED calendar from Jerusalem, Jesus died on the AFTERNOON AT 3PM OF 15th of Nissan 30 A.D., AFTER the day that he ordered Peter and John to PREPARE AT DAYTIME OF NISSAN 14, and EATING IT THAT NIGHT OF NISSAN 14, 30 A.D.. NOT FOLLOWING the modern teaching and practices of the Jews today THAT EACH DAY BEGINS AT NIGHT, BUT FOLLOWING GOD’S TEACHING THAT THIS NISSAN 14 PASSOVER ENDS WHEN THE MORNING OF NISSAN 15 ARRIVES, as a proof a holy meal like this CAN ONLY BE EATEN ON THE SAME DAY, SO THAT WHEN THE NEW DAY COMES, GOD FORBIDS ESTING IT, see Leviticus 7:15. Not only that, this Nisan 14 Passover turn into Nisan 15 when its night is turned into day, see Numbers 33:3 at the time of Moses, and at the time of Joshua, see Joshua 15:10-11. Moreover, and specially, God declared that the 7th day sabbath also arrives when the morrow, at morningtime arrives, see Exodus 16:21-30. This only shows Moses teaching in Genesis 15:17-18 and Genesis 8:22 that each day begins in the morning is confirmed true. Many other verses up to Revelation shows this is the way God made each 24 hour or so day. Even duri g the resurrection of Jesus, morning of thst day arrived first. Then later THAT SAME DAY, SUNDAY, it DID NOT BECOME MONDAY NIGHT, BUT REMAINED THE SAME SUNDAY, see John 20:1, and 19. Now, the spirit that told you that Jesus died other than Nissan 15, 30 A.D. is not reliable, because the Scriptures say Jesus ordered Peter and John to PREPARE THE PASSOVER MEAL on the day of unleavened bread, when the passover lamb is to be killed, that is according to Exodus 12:6 and 18, is done on the 14th of Nisan. And that during the night of this Nisan 14, Jesus and his disciples ate this meal then later delivered his sermon on the mount the whole night, then prayed. When the morning came, Nisan 15, a Thursday for that year 30 a.d.( based on computerized Kaluach calendar from Jerusalem) Jesus was taken to Pilate and Herod, then paraded, then at 9 a.m. was crucified, and by 3p.m. died. (AN AFTERNOON or EVENINGTIME, NOT NIGHT. The bible differentiate an evening from a night, see Exodus 12:6, evening, preparation time, then Exodus 12:8 eating time. ALSO, Deutronomy 16:6 the passover is KILLED IN THE EVENING, WHILE THE SUN IS GOING DOWN.

    Now Jesus was dead the 3 hours of daytime and 12 hours of nittime of Thursday. He was also dead 24 hours of Friday and 24 hours of Saturday. That is less than a complete 72 hours of 3 days and 3 nights. That is to confirm what Jesus and the disciples says in the Scriptures: He will be resurrected on the third day, which was jus as Sunday was beginning, which is at morningtime, see Mark 16:9.

    You might have read in John 19:14 that on the day Jesus was to be crucified,Nisan 15, Thursady, the Jews were preparing the Passover (must be the modern SEDER). To this day, the Jews continue this practice as Passover day. You can approach your country’s Israel ambassador to ask when they hold their Passover, they will tell you Nisan 15, although the Bible teaches it is supposed to be Nisan 14, which was complied with by Jesus and his disciples the previous day, before he was put in the cross. And Jesus rose Nisan 18 at morning time, Sunday for that year of 30 a.d. based on Kaluach calendar drom Jerusalem. Nisan 14, Nisan 15, and Nisan 18 falls on different months and days for ev’ry coming year.


    • Nisan (March/April) 14 or 15 was not correct because the brook Kidron is dangerous to cross (1 Kings 2:37). The water from the Torrent Valley of Kidron would flow through the brook Kidron lest one maybe swept away and cause certain death. Jesus after eating the Passover Meal crossed the brook Kidron from Jerusalem to the Garden of Gethsemane in the evening. There was no fear because it was summer.

      The rainfall in mm for Jerusalem is found 25 days ago.


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