By Aristeo Canlas Fernando
Peace Crusader and Echo



How would you like to have three holidays per year totaling 29 calendars days using only ten days of your annual leave?  You may take one, two, or all three holidays.


This is possible in the Aristean calendar as shown in the schedules below:


1.  You may take your first holiday during the ten-day New Year Holiday (or World Peace Holiday) from December 29, Saturday, to January 7, Sunday, using only four annual leave days.



(10 calendar days including 4 working days)


December 29, Saturday – Weekend

December 30, Sunday – Weekend

December 31, World Peace Day – Public Holiday

January 1, Monday – New Year’s Day – Public Holiday

January 2, Tuesday

January 3, Wednesday

January 4, Thursday

January 5, Friday

January 6, Saturday – Weekend

January 7, Sunday – Weekend


2.  More than four months later, you may have your second holiday during the Christmas holiday using only three annual leave days.  This nine-day Christmas holiday is from Saturday, May 17, to Sunday, May 25.



(9 calendar days including 3 working days)


May 17, Saturday – Weekend

May 18, Sunday – Weekend

May 19, Monday

May 20, Tuesday

May 21, Wednesday

May 22, Thursday – Christmas Eve – Public Holiday

May 23, Friday – Christmas Day – Public Holiday

May 24, Saturday – Weekend

May 25, Sunday – Weekend


3.  And three months later comes the Resurrection holiday.  You may avail of this third holiday using only three annual leave days.  The holiday is from Saturday, August 10 to Monday, August 19. 



(10 calendar days including 3 working days)


August 10, Saturday – Weekend

August 11, Sunday – Weekend

August 12, Monday

August 13, Tuesday

August 14, Wednesday

August 15, Thursday – Crucifixion Day – Public Holiday

August 16, Friday – Burial Day – Public Holiday

August 17, Saturday – Weekend (actual crucifixion date of Jesus)

August 18, Sunday – Weekend

August 19, Monday – Resurrection Day – Public Holiday


(Note:  Jesus rose from the dead [resurrected] after being buried for three days and three nights in a tomb on the present Sunday evening but which already is Monday evening in the Aristean Decimal Time wherein the day starts at 6 pm.)


File:  threeholidays.htm                  First uploaded:  20081103


Copyright © 2008 Aristeo Canlas Fernando

All rights reserved.


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